Lunch April 18, 2023 at the Boys and Girls Club

Join us for lunch at the Boys and Girls Club 500 NW Wall Street, at noon. Our guest speaker will be Roger Sabbadini. Parking is available at the Methodist Church on Bond Street. Sign up online.

Roger Sabbadini’s presentation is an untold and compelling true story of his father – an Italian refugee, Alessandro (Alex) Sabbadini, who escaped Fascist Italy to America on the eve of WWII only to return to fight in Italy with the U.S. 5th Army. He was with G-2 Intelligence and was one of the “Ritchie Boys.” Alex joined the fight for personal reasons – to liberate Italy and his Jewish family who were being pursued by the Fascists and the Nazis. The Sabbadini saga is also presented in the context of the long and rich history of Italian Jews.  Alex Sabbadini’s personal photographs and other documents have historical value and contribute greatly to the unique character of the story.

Biography of Roger Sabbadini: Roger Sabbadini is an Emeritus Professor of Biology at San Diego State University and Co-founder of SDSU’s Institute for International Security and Conflict Resolution. Dr. Sabbadini is representing the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education (OJMCHE). Dr. Sabbadini now lives in Bend, Oregon