Grant Application Information

Since 1976, the Rotary Club of Greater Bend (RCGB) has donated volunteer hours and discretionary funds to numerous local organizations and capital projects as well as exceptional worldwide programs. We focus on efforts that improve the lives of children, youth and families, particularly activities that have a lasting impact on our community. Our membership is dedicated to continuing this legacy while carefully directing our donations to worthy projects. The Donations Committee receives many requests each year from Central Oregon area nonprofit organizations. We are mindful of our approach in distributing funds raised and have prepared the following guidelines for organizations seeking donations.

Giving Budget:

Our annual member-directed donation budget is distributed through discretionary grants to support local organizations. The Donations Committee reviews requests and determines awards in the amounts of $500 – $2,500, with an average gift of $1,000.

Donation Guidelines:

Primary interests for giving*:

  • Programs that help at-risk youth to become competent contributing members of society
  • Community service organizations that provide direct support to individuals/families in need (infants, children, people with disabilities, low-income, senior citizens)
  • Programs that support veterans

*Requests outside these areas will be considered when they meet needs within our community

General Requirements*:

  • Established, non-profit IRS tax-exempt status
  • Programs/projects or capital improvements and investments with a specific purpose and articulated outcomes
  • Programs/projects with a positive track record and a realistic opportunity for continued success
  • Programs/projects within the RCGB serving area: Bend, La Pine and Deschutes County
  • Organizations must acknowledge, support and cross-promote RCGB to build increased awareness of our efforts to support our community

*Worthy or compelling requests that don’t fit the adopted requirements may be considered

RCGB does not support:

  • Political fundraising
  • Ongoing operating expenses
  • Start-up programming
  • Fundraising events that benefit individuals
  • For-profit organizations or groups
  • Religious organizations or groups (excluding “Tree of Joy” partnership with Salvation Army)

Application Process

Requests must be submitted in writing by email, with the following documentation:

  • A letter on letterhead (not to exceed two pages) signed by the Executive Director or Board Chair.
  • Primary contact and title, phone number, email address, and organization website.
  • Organization mission and purpose, the reason for your request, the project budget, if applicable (including secured and pending revenue sources).
  • Amount requested and its proposed use, intended beneficiaries, project timeline and projected outcomes.
  • How your organization will recognize the donation to your audience.


  • Income Statement for the Most Recently Completed Fiscal Year
  • List of Officers and/or Directors
  • Copy of IRS Tax Status
  • A brochure or annual report (optional)

Submit all information to:

Heidi Wright, Donations Committee Chair at Email rotary club grant apps. .

Timing and Selection Process:

For the current fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, requests are due by May 15, with funding to be determined prior to June 30.

Nonprofits who receive funding are required to attend a club meeting for a check presentation and to briefly share how the funds will benefit your organization. The club meets on Tuesdays at noon at Currents.

Donation Follow-up:

For all grants over $1,000, organizations are required to provide RCGB with a report within 30 days of the conclusion of the project or one year after the donation. Photos, testimonials and media coverage clippings are greatly appreciated. The club may also request a follow-up presentation at a scheduled meeting.