New Member To Do List

What next?

Some stuff you gotta do so you are “kept in the loop.” Below are 4 things you need to do…now.  Hint without completing #1 You will be in the twilight zone. We won’t know who you are!!!!!! Without number 2 and 3 you won’t know what we are doing as a club.

Paperwork –  It never ends. So there are some forms to complete so that we have all the necessary info and so that you get your club emails. Most of those come to you through our Mailchimp account. You also want to sign into the International Rotary site.

1. Complete New Member Information Form.

2 .Sign-up for Email notifications. Yes you have to put in your information for two different sites, but it’s just your name and email address, and we only use it for internal club emails.
Sign up here Site # 1

3. Sign-up for Email notifications Site 2. Sign up Site #2

4. Download your member directory . Don’t be sad your information will appear in the next update, after you complete #3 below and we get a picture of you.