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Rotary Club of Greater Bend
PO Box 6561 / Bend, OR 97708

Questions? Need more information about anything? Want to contact a board or committee member? You can always send us an email message at:

If you want information about becoming a member contact us here. Your inquiry will go directly to our Membership Chair.

Here is a listing of our members

Note: Meeting location – We normally meet at the Riverhouse “Currents” restaurant and check-in building. However at times we meet at the Riverhouse Convention Center, across the street. Be sure to check our calendar for location.

Be sure to check or calendar to see if we are meeting at the Currents Restaurant or the Convention Center

Board Meetings
The Greater Bend Rotary board meets on the second Tuesday of every month, 4PM to 5:30PM. Club members are free to attend and learn a bit more about the inner workings of the club.

Greater Bend Rotary Club Officers
President- Briain Stallcop
Co0Presidents Elect -Sharon Gueck & Tyler Swanson
Secretary-Brian Shawver
Treasurer-Greg Fowler
Past-Co-President-Shannon Bennett & Mark Capell

Board of Directors

World Community Service Jamie Garza
Club Administration-Brian Shawver
Community Service-Alan Glickman
PR/Communications-Michael Cottam
New Generations-Michelle Solley
Membership-Amanda Ferrari
Fellowship – Michelle Lofsgard
Donations Committee-Heidi Wright
Fund Raising-Peggy Carey
RCGB Foundation-Kyle Frick
Environmental Committee – Rebecca Kauffman

Committee Chairpersons
Programs-Pete Korstad
RCGB Foundation-Kyle Frick
Global Grants-TBD
New Generations / Vocational Service-
Youth Exchange-Bruce Abernethy
Wine Raffle-Bruce Plummer
Pints for Polio-Chris Raven
Duck Race-Kyle Frick
Attendance-Brian Shawver
Membership Development- Loren Irving
Social Media – Peggy Carey and Polly Cohen
News Letter – Gail Klein
Sports Program – Erik Tobiason

You can contact any of the above members at: