Becoming a member

Here we hopefully answer some of the most common questions regarding how you actually become a member and what the expectations are once you have joined.

If you know someone in Rotary ask them to take you to a lunch meeting. If you don’t know anyone just use our contact page or show up at lunch.

Are you an established professional wanting to make positive changes in your community and around the world?

Next you need to find a sponsor in the club. That is easy to do. Just ask for the Membership Chairperson. Your sponsor will complete a New-Member-Nomination-Form. It usually takes about 30 days to complete the process. You will also want to read the Financial Obligation section below to be sure you are comfortable. If it’s confusing – ask someone. You can attend two lunches to get a feel for what goes on, and chat with various members to see if this seems right for you.

From the beginning, one of the secrets to our success has been the quality of our membership. Our club thrives on the active participation of its members.  Interested?  We meet each Tuesday at noon and invite you to join us!  Please complete our brief Membership Inquiry Form  or contact us at to learn more.

Membership Benefits

  • Networking each week with our membership of more than 100 community leaders 
  • Exclusive presentations featuring thought leaders from our community and beyond
  • Making a difference in our community through hands-on service projects with our partner non-profit organizations
  • Ability to make the world a better place through International travel opportunities focused on global health
  • Fellowship events at some of Bend’s most interesting venues 
  • Invitation to visit more than 33,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and be part of a global network of 1.2 million business and professional leaders, all volunteering our time and talents to serve our communities and the world

Two Types of Membership


The traditional Rotary membership. These members gain all the privileges, opportunities, and responsibilities that come with being a Rotarian. 

Young Rotary Leader 

The Young Rotary Leaders (YRL) membership program is for those 40 and under who strive to become leaders in the years ahead. YRLs must demonstrate leadership in their profession, and meet all the qualifications of Rotary membership. Young Rotary Leaders pay reduced fees for their first year of membership. 

Financial Obligations

Initiation Fee (One-Time): $100
Membership Dues (Annual): $200 (billed $50 quarterly)
Lunch meal cost per meeting: $14 meal and $6 room charge
Annual Contribution to Rotary RCGB Foundation: $100 suggested
Annual Contribution to The Rotary International Foundation (Expected Minimum): $100
Young Rotary Leader
Initiation Fee (One-Time): $0 waived
Membership Dues (Annual): 1/2 reg dues billed quarterly) currently $25.00
Lunch meal cost per meeting: $14 meal and $6 room charge
Annual Contribution to the Bill Berg RCGB Foundation: $0
Annual Contribution to The Rotary International Foundation $0
Must meet red badge to blue badge requirements within 120 days