Speaker Change March 9, 2021

On March 9th we will be “promoting” 7 Red Badgers to Blue Badgers. During the last year of trials and tribulations these new members have stuck with us, even though some of them have hardly had an in-person meeting to attend. Please join us in welcoming them to their Blue Badge status.

Our guest speaker will be Tom Calvanese. He is the Station Manager at the OSU Port Orford Field Station. Tom Calvanese’s sense of place for Redfish Rocks started during his time as a commercial urchin diver. Despite the area now being off limits to urchin harvest and fishing, Calvanese never left the waters that became Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. Join us as we talk with the urchin diver — turned fisheries scientist — turned research field station manager and explore his knowledge of the reserve, how he came to know these waters, and his continued connections with this place.

Calvanese has been magnetized to the 2.7 square-mile area of Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve for almost a decade of his life. During this time, and within this place, he has performed a variety of roles that have led to his current position as field station manager.

  Tom Calvanese

This meeting will be all-virtual. Join the Zoom Meeting here: https://zoom.us/j/92782093136

You can also call in to the meeting at (669) 900-9128 and enter meeting ID: 927 8209.

We will record the presentation for others who aren’t able to attend at noon.

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