Bethlehem Inn Tour

  On Tuesday, September 18 2018, we will be holding our weekly lunch meeting at the Bethlehem Inn. Gwenn Wysling, Executive Director, will be giving us a tour of the campus. The rebuilding of the Bethlehem Inn was our most recent signature project–the club contributed a total of $75,000..

Please park in the first section of the parking lot at the Bend International School which is located just west of the Inn off Mervin Sampels. It would be helpful if folks could carpool as the parking lot is not that large (approximately 20 spaces). They are currently very challenged with parking, especially since school has started again. Alternatively, park on the shoulder of O.B. Riley Road, just north of the school.

Join us from noon till 1:15 at the Bethlehem Inn, 3705 N. Highway 97, Bend, Oregon 97703. It’s behind Knecht’s.
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9/18/2018 12:00 PM
9/18/2018 1:15 PM
Rotary Club of Greater Bend Lunch
We’ll be getting a tour of the Bethlehem Inn.
Bethlehem Inn, 3705 N. Highway 97, Bend, Oregon 97703
Rotary Club of Greater Bend