About Foundation

Brief history

- In 1994 a committee consisting of Steve Lelli, Steve Timm and Craig Moore was formed with the purpose of pursuing the formation of a “ Charitable arm of the GBRC.

- The mission of the GBRC Foundation was and is: To provide a permanent fund from which “ Youth Related Projects” can be funded. Emphasis will be placed on assisting students from the Bend-LaPine school district to pursue various paths of higher education, but shall not be limited to student aid.

- Bylaws were created and Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State.

- In May of 1995 the GBRC Foundation was classified as a 501 ( c ) 3 entity by the IRS. 

The GBRC Foundation is also known as the “Bill Berg”, after a member of this club who served as district governor.

-2006 the first of many scholarships were granted to COCC incoming freshman. That year two $2500 scholarships were awarded.

-As of June 30, 2016 the Foundation has granted over $114,000 in scholarships to COCC students. 

-In the last two years $9000 has been given to the OSU Foundation to help pay tuition for six students attending OSU Cascades in Bend.

- This past year the Foundation helped fund an award to an outstanding Interact student

- The GBRC Foundation has also contributed to the following organizations where donors have designated their giving be directed.

-- The Bend-LaPine school district’s Perseverance in Education Awards where the Foundation contributed $2000 and the Rotary Club contributed $4000.
-- Backpacks in Bend
-- Boy Scout Troop #23
-- WCS for various worthwhile international projects

Some Foundation Facts:

Current directors are:
Steve Lelli
Tom Counos
Randy Miller
Cleme Rinehart
Kyle Frick
Jim Petersen
Greg Walsh